vendredi 16 juillet 2021

Nimona niée

Ça ne peut pas être tous les jours fête, malheureusement.

Depuis des années, vous détestiez les gens qui dirigent* Disney™, et c'est bien normal, puisque ce sont des gens détestables, qui commettent des actes détestables au service d'une vision du monde détestable. Vous avez depuis février dernier une raison de plus de les détester, puisqu'ils ont ouvert la trappe sous les pieds de Patrick Osborne, de Noelle Stevenson et de tous les gens impliqués dans le projet d'adaptation de Nimona en film d'animation qui, nous disait-on en début d'année, aurait déjà été achevé "à 75%".  


Notre Nimona.

Une petite lueur d'espoir en mars: d'autres "gens" seraient intéressés par le rachat des projets de Blue Hour Studio...

Nimona, elle s'en sort toujours, pas vrai? Pas vrai?


* Je parle, bien sûr, des gens de tout en haut de la pile, puisque au contraire, parmi les gens qui triment dans les soutes pour enrichir Disney™, il y en a de très bien, qu'on aimerait serrer sur son cœur.

5 commentaires:

Fresca a dit…

Oooh. I love that image.

Tororo a dit…

Hi Fresca! Do you enjoy reading webcomics? (I do).

Fresca a dit…

Um... I used to but haven't read any in a very long time--and graphic novels too.
I should!
Do you have a list of top ten recommendations, in English? (Not to pester you--I could dig around and find some myself.)

Fresca a dit…

P.S. I just started Episode One of Lore Olympus, guided by your post today. Thanks!

Tororo a dit…

*blushes with pride* Thanks, Fresca!
Recommended English-language webcomics… let's see: you noticed, for sure, that I wholeheartedly recommend Lore Olympus: it's funny, and deals spot on on several, ageless, serious issues. Don't refrain of telling me what you think!

Coincidentally, another webcomic is retelling Greek myths: it's called Teia-Mania, drawn ad written by Li Osterberg. It has a totally different flavor from Lore Olympus, but it's equally clever.
Archive here:
By browsing the archive, you can chose to read a story about Athena, one about Hades, one about Dionysos… the most recent (Queen of the Dead) being about Persephone!

Plus, there is Punderworld, by Linda Sejic, that retells as well the story of Persephone! it's beautifully drawn, and much lighter in tone. In every sense, it's the "light" version of the story. It could make it in a top ten, but closer to the end of the list. (This is not really a top ten!)

But enough Persephone and Hades. Now for something totally different!

I loved Tillie Walden's comic On a Sunbeam: perhaps it's not to everybody's taste; reasons: the draftsmanship shows less maturity; the story is slow-paced and weird; anyway, I totally fell for it.

There's also elsewhere a dark, convoluted, dystopian series with mutants, zombies and military coups called No End. Oh, it has an all-LGBT cast, too.

Sufficiently Remarkable tells a charming story, in a contemporary setting. Very worth a look. It begins here:

Other webcomics I loved reading back in the day ended and fell out of the web: some still can be read in paper and ink versions! Perhaps is it enough for today?
Hugs and kisses, Fresca!